This web site will contain the recommendations and advice contributed by members of 95033talk Yahoo group, a community based communication tool for anyone living in the 95033 zip code or related areas (Santa Cruz Mountains/Los Gatos Mountains). Founded in 2010, 95033Talk is run by a group of volunteers in their “spare” time.  Many busy members have taken the time to enlighten and inform us all with their suggestions, their wisdom, and their experience, archived here for all who need it.

The easiest way to find what you are looking for is to use the search this site feature (on the right side of this page).

You can also browse posts by month, use the tag cloud or by category.  Some other hints:

  • Read the Administrator message
  • Check the FAQs – these questions are asked often.
  • Discussions:  Most of the discussions are posted in their entirety.  Our members do tend to “hijack” topics and take them into different directions.  Its best to do a search and, if the subject seems to be not on topic, read the post – you never know… your topic of interest is probably buried in there somewhere.
  • Pages:  We’ve got a few pages that you should look at.  Click on pages in the menu.  2 that people look at:
    • Emergency Info – information on what to do in an emergency.  Direct contact info of fire, sheriff etc.
    • Frequent Topics are where you will find concise summaries or links to posts for oft-requested topics such as firewood suppliers, contractors, water delivery, etc.
  • New to the area?  Looking for general info?  I suggest you browse around; we have many posts on propane, contractors, firewood, restaurant recommendations etc.  Also, look at these 2 posts – this post from 2011  and this one from 2014 – both asked by people interested in moving into the area.
  • Looking for other groups?  There are a bunch of groups for 95033 residents.  This post has a listing.   And there are always new ones.
  • Want to read all the posts (vs. the chosen ones archived here)?  Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/95033talk/    You will need to log in (left side bar) and then you can do a search there.

Please help yourself and use it in the spirit of sharing!

Note – The archive is done by one (yes, thats 1) volunteer.  I am usually running behind on archiving.  So, if there is a topic that you think has been covered (and most topics usually have been), feel free to ping me and I will update the archive with that topic as soon as I can.

Contact me at admin@95033.org

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